The Natural Way To Grow Your Business Is Lead Net Photos of men and women of different professions  
  Who Is Lead Net?
LeadNet is a close contact networking group of professional men and women that meets weekly to exchange qualified business leads with each other.
  Where does Lead Net Meet?
Lead Net currently meets every Thursday morning at Starters Clubhouse Grille, at the Bethlehem Golf Club, located at 400 Illicks Mill Road Bethlehem, PA 18017. Meetings begin at 7:00 am and will conclude no later than 8:30 am.
  Why Does Lead Net Meet?
Our primary purpose is to give and receive qualified business leads. Members are committed to maintaining the highest professional integrity. Additionally, membership is limited to one member for each business category or business type and conflicts of interest between members is prohibited. Once you’ve joined, your ‘competition’ cannot.
  Who Can Join Lead Net?
Our membership is made up of business owners and sales professionals. Lead Net gives members a corner on the referral market by allowing only one person from each profession to join.
  Can I Visit A Meeting ?
Yes. Come and have a FREE breakfast on us! We offer potential members an opportunity to visit a meeting and experience what we're all about. to arrange your visit and enjoy a free breakfast on us, click here.
  Directions to the Starters Clubhouse Grille
Using Rt 22, take the PA-378 S/Schoenersville Road exit toward Bethlehem. Turn left on to Schoenersville Road. Starters Clubhouse Grille will be on your left.
See map on MapQuest.
Accelerate Your Success With The Exceptional Networking of Lead Net

Starters Clubhouse Grille at
the Bethlehem Golf Club

400 Illicks Mill Road Bethlehem, PA 18017

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